Laundry Sorting Made Easy

Do you love to sort laundry?  yes?  Then donít bother reading this blog.  Go sort some more dirty clothes!

Do your children share bedrooms?

You are gonna love this one! laundry sorting bags(linens and things)

You can get one of these laundry sorter bins practically anywhere.  We have these 3 and Iíve seen several other styles.   
laundry sorting bags(second hand store) 
The principal is the same:  3 sections.  

laundry sorting bags(Costco)

While there are diverse ways to implement this concept, this one has worked for us beautifully for years, truly:

ē    Each person in the bedroom has their own compartment (on opposite
         sides of the bin) and share the whites (use laundry bags to ease
         sorting messes.  See the other blog posting for details and photos).

ē    When their part of the bin is full they add their towel and pillowcase and
         thatís a load, for our washer size. 

ē    YES our children do all their own laundry.  They have ever since
         kindergarten.  Thatís another blog: Check it out.

I hope this laundry tip saves you from "whose shirt is this?Ē  and oodles of time.  I wish you the best and happy savings till next time!


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