Children doing laundry

Children doing laundry?  grunt.  Eye roll.

Yes tasks certainly need to be age appropriate.  When expectations are high and expressed, they are met.  Let me repeat that, when expectations are expressed they are met.  My wise husband taught me that.  It changed so much of my life, I felt it worth repeating to you.

Your children want to please you.  They realize their wearing clothes, eating, sleeping, living, creates tons of workÖ ok maybe they donít realize it fully, but at least a little!  Let them help you.  Isnít it our job as parents to teach them? 
So, letís teach!

Hereís a great and simple lil laundry tip:
kids doing laundry
kids doing laundryWhen my lil darlings were so young could not even read I had them put dirty clothes into the washer then wet clothes into the dryer, then from dryer to basket.  Since they couldnít read the instructions on the machines I added stickers and told them if the clothes are white switch the knob to yellow.  If the clothes are dark the knob needs to be on blue.  They did super gr8!  One of their Sunday school teachers told me they were bragging to their lil friends about doing big kid and grown up jobs at their house.  So cute!  

kids doing laundryAfter years of replacing stickers due to laundry dust, I realized this is MY machine.  I can write on it if I want to!  By then my kiddos could all read so I simply used a sharpie to help then navigate the dryer options. 

I hope this laundry tip saves you and all your clothes wearers time and from frustration. 

I wish you the best, until next time, happy savings!


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