Digitally Filed...Or Lost in Cyber Space?

Most computer users donít file their digital files as carefully as they would physical files.  In Mary Annís Paring Down Paper class, she teaches us how to get out from under the mountain of paper that clutters our lives physically.  It can be just as frustrating to find things on a computer when its digitally cluttered.  Many of us know the myriad of emotions that come from losing a file we have been working on, or a project for school in the invisible black hole of cyberspace.  Here are a few things you can do to get your files under control and never lose things again.

Step #1:  Get to know Windowís Explorer and How to Use It...It's not hard!
The Window's Explorer Application allows you to see all of the folders and files that are on your computer in an "outline" format.  You can quickly and easily drag and drop files into the folder that you want them to be in.

Step #2: Create a Folder in the Documents Folder for Every Member of Your Family That Uses that machine.  Each of your children, your spouse, etc. should have a place for their items in your home.  Your computer is no different.  This is the place where their school assignments, photos, and projects can be stored and never be in the way.  You may also want to have a general Family folder for things that pertain the family as a whole.  Things like tax returns, budgets, family vacation photos, and even chore charts.

Step #3:  Placify!
My oldest brother loves to make up words.  He penned the word "Placification" which means to put something in it's place.  So when I say "Placify" that means the action of putting files where they go.  Drag and drop each document that is not in a folder to the family member's folder it belongs to.  If something is called "Document 1" or "Stuff", open the file and see what it is.  Rename it something that make sense and could be searched for if it is lost.  Then file it in the correct person's folder.

Once you have cleared out the clutter in your Documents folder, focus on the folder that belongs to you.  The rest of your family gets to deal with their own stuff later.  Repeat the 3 steps above by creating folders that are categorized by the roles you play.  If you are a student, you might have a "school" folder.  If you have a home business, you might have a "work" folder (and so on and so on).

The video below will show you how to create new folders, name them, and drag and drop files, if you do not know how.  You can also post questions below if you need help.  Happy filing!

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