Practically Prepared
When it comes to knowing what to do in an emergency, practice makes perfect. These classes are designed to help you get the training you need to handle quarantine, natural disasters, pandemics, and any other scenario you might find yourself in.   These skill can also be helpful when finding fun!  It isn't just about the worst case scenario, its about the best case, too! That's why we have designed this curriculum to teach you what you need to know whether you are on the run or just having fun!

Prepare for Family Fun Classes

This is a series of classes designed to show you how to use all of your basic emergency equipment for creating fun for your family.  We teach you how to make planning family outings, adventures, and vacations a breeze, and how to make fun no matter where you end up.

Prepare for Family Fun
Plan and pack for all of your upcoming adventures one time and be ready for anything.

Family Adventure in Boise, Idaho
Mary Ann is an expert when it comes to finding, free or low cost fun in the Treasure Valley.  She'll give you a guided tour to some of Boise's kept secrets!

Family Adventures at Home
Some of Mary Ann's best boredom busters!  Even on a rainy day, there is lots to do and play!

Alternative Cooking Method Classes
There are lots of methods to use when cooking for your family in an emergency or when you are camping.  These classes are centered around learning to cook with stoves and ovens that are less than conventional.

Stovetop Cookers

A stove top cooker made from empty cans or commercially made stoves like Rocket Stoves can be used to cook skillet meals, boil water, or for baking. These stoves use a variety of fuel sourcesbuddy burners, alcohol, sterno and bio-products like leaves, twigs and pine needles.  Classes include making a tin-can stove and buddy burner, cooking entrees on a variety of stove top cookers and learning the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Thermal Cookers

 An ice chest, a solar blanket, and some shredded newspaper is all you need to make this homemade slow
cooker.  Kangaroo Stoves will also be demonstrated.
The Cook-It Solar Oven
A simple inexpensive solar oven that works great and is very compact (folds up to the size of a looseleaf notebook).  Learn how to use it and experience a variety of foods made with this great oven.   
Cooking from Your Car
 Learn how to prepare camping, vacationing and in route meals from the convenience of your car, with appliances that can be plugged into your cars 12 volt power source! 

Emergency Living Classes
How would your family adapt to living under quarantine for several weeks or months, or stay in your home after a natural disaster until utilities and water are restored? Learn what you need to survive, how to conserve your resources and use alternative methods for providing heat and light.

How do you maintain sanitation while conserving water during a halt in services?  How do you dispose of human wastes?  How do you wash soiled clothing?  How do you keep from contaminating food and how do you dispose of it?  What supplies do you need to handle all of these emergencies?  This class will give you the resource to address these issues.

Water Conservation & Purification
How much water do you need to store for your family?  How do you purify contaminated water?  How to conserve this valuable resource?  These are a few of the questions that will be answered at this class.

Alternative & Emergency Medicine
This series of classes explain the history and development of homeopathic remedies,  how to determine what works for your personal health needs and how to make them yourself.  It also shows you how to set up a sick room and care for family members without contaminating others in the household.

Heat Light & Shelter

What do you need to cook, heat and light your home during an extended power outage, ice storm or national disaster? This class will show you how and what you need to have on hand. 
These classes are a great preparedness fairs, small group or large group settings. To book a class, fill out THIS FORM and an instructor will respond to you promptly.


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