Halloween Party Food

Party food can be a pain, but not if you plan ahead.  The most important thing to keep your party as fun for you as your quests is planning.  Decide what you want to serve a month before the event, that will give you plenty of time to shop, prep and decorate.  I always start that early, with fibromyalgia if I didn’t plan ahead and prep ahead I would be dead on the floor for most of the party.  Most of the food can be completely to partially prepped the days before the event.   

Dinner: I often make something I don’t have to watch much like crock pot chili or black bean soup for the bulk of the meal.  Add some corn muffins made with our just add water corn muffin mix and you have a meal.  Sandwiches, any soup, or one dish casseroles are good options too.

 One year the bulk of our meal came from a huge 7-layer bean dip I made and topped with lettuce, little plastic headstones, and plastic skeleton arms sticking out the top.

 Every year for the kids we have a lunch of corn dog muffins (buy the awesome corn muffin mix here) and veggies in gooey green ranch dressing, the kids love it.

You can also do mummy dogs: wrap strips of raw crescent dough around hot dogs leaving an opening at the top for a ketchup "face”, bake and serve.  This makes a fun project as well as dinner.

Fun Snacks and treats:  I have a little collection of Halloween treat magazine style cookbooks that I refer to every year.  They are full of fun and easy treats either completely homemade or made with store bought items and put together at home.

We love pretzel broomsticks, I have seen them made several ways.  You can dip the bottom of the big stick pretzels in peanut butter then stick the smaller stick pretzels around the end to make the broom part.  Another version is to pop some peanut butter cookie dough on the bottom of the stick pretzel and using a fork fan it out into ‘bristles’ and cook.  You can even use fruit rolls by snipping the roll and wrapping them around the pretzel stick.

Another mostly store bought treat we have loved involves a bag of Hersey’s kisses, a bag of small Reese's peanut butter cups and a package of round striped graham cookies as well as a tube of icing.  After unwrapping everything and laying out the cookies with the chocolate covered side up you carefully start assembling using the frosting as glue.  On the cookie goes the peanut butter cup and then the kiss to make a cute little witch hat treat.  You see them a lot made with just the kiss but I like a little more height in my witches hats, height and peanut butter.

Here is my nephew approving the activity...

Next time I will share with you my non-alcoholic drink plans and tips.
Halloween part 3

For more ideas check out these sites and blogs:

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