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flavor dictionarySage:
Sage is one of the most popular herbs used in American cooking.  It is slightly bitter but highly aromatic.  Found in most poultry seasoning mixes.
Suggested uses:  Sage is used to flavor pork sausage and roast turkey.  Good with poultry and fowl.  Good in any dish that has a long cooking time.

Savory (Summer-Winter):
Summer and Winter Savory are often substitutes for sage.  It is a woody plant with a piney-peppery flavor.
Suggested uses:  Soups, stews, bean dishes, fowl and lamb all benefit from the use of savory.  Very good in any heavy dish that needs a spark of flavor.

Sesame Seed:
Not just for topping buns.  Toasted seeds can give a slight nutty flavor to a dish.  Sesame seed oil has a strong toasty flavor that compliments southeast Asian cooking.  Also high in anti-oxidants.
Suggested uses:  Sauteing meats and veggies for stir-fry, key in Asian sauces and dips.

A  commonly thought of French herb, tarragon has a strong flavor that can overwhelm any dish easily.  Used commonly to flavor Bearnaise sauce.
Suggested uses:  Used to flavor oils and vinegars.  Goes well with vegetables and roots like potatoes.  Good on fish, chicken, and other fowl, as well as lobster, rabbit and veal.

Another anciently used herb.  Tiny leaves on woody stalks carry a versatile and bright flavor.  There are over a hundred varieties of thyme.
Suggested uses:  Good in bean, egg, and veggie dishes with itís bright flavor.  Good on fish, in soups and stocks, and in tomato sauces.

Used heavily for itís bright and dense yellow coloring as well as itís deep peppery, warm and bitter flavor.  One main ingredient in yellow curry powder. 
Suggested uses:  Pairs really well with lentils.  Used in any dish that needs a kick in color and flavor.  Good with cauliflower and other veggies, as well as eggs and rice dishes.

White Pepper:
Slightly milder than black pepper and good to use in dishes where you do not want to see flecks of black pepper.
Suggested uses:  Used as black pepper to spice up dishes.  Used mostly in lighter (color and flavor) dishes.

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