Laundry Tips

Laundry Tips

Laundry is one of the 5 "Higher & Deeper" tasks that Mary Ann talks about in her Clutter Free Living e-learning class.  To catch you up, a "higher and deeper" is a task that has to be done everyday or it will pile higher and deeper.  Dishes is another one.  

If you are like me, you hate how laundry is never done.  Just after you have emptied a hamper into the washer, it seems to be full again.  So I wanted to share a few tips that have helped me stay on top of the laundry in my home.  

Getting it done
  • Have established laundry days in your house.  The number of people in your household will dictate how frequently you need to do laundry.  If you have a lot of laundry you might need to embrace the fact that laundry is a daily thing…sorry.
  • Get a load started first thing in the morning.  My routine is to throw in a load while the kids are at the table for breakfast.
  • Set a timer to remind you when to rotate the laundry and also again when you start the dryer to remind you to take the laundry out.  My preferred timer is the microwave because it just keeps beeping until I go turn it off.  This is critical for me because the timer on the washer and dryer will beep a few times and then be done.  If I’m in a different part of the house I sometimes don’t hear it, or I hear it but then get side tracked and forget to go rotate the laundry.  I go straight from shutting off the timer to the laundry room. 

Folding and Hanging (True confessions-this I where I struggle)
  • Have an established place for folding
  • Recruit kids as much as possible - Teens and Tweens can do it themselves, Littles can help fold hand towels, wash cloths and rags at about age 5.
  • Hang and fold straight from the dryer in your laundry takes a fraction of the time.  No more bing-watching netflix on laundry day.  I know, I'm crying too!
Putting Away 
  • Definitely get the kids to put away their own clothes as soon as they are old enough.  How old is old enough? 2 ½, 3, you know your kids.
  • Don't change your clothes in the laundry room...this is a direct order to my hubby!
  • Put clothes away after school or before bed...establish a time everyday.
  • Everything that is not clothing (linens, towels, etc.) should be put away when you finish folding the load.
Time yourself.  How long does it really take you to fold a load or put it away?  Not as long as you think, I promise.  Once you know how fast it is, it makes every step that much easier.

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