Spring Fever


Yep! Spring is in the air.  On many levels that’s good news—beautiful blossoms all over town, more outdoor time, pretty, light-weight cloths in soft pastels….All true.  BUT don’t forget that "Spring” is the first work in one of the most difficult  maladies to cure.  Spring..... FEVER.  You knew it, huh?  Maybe you’re suffering already.
When the "fever” hits, we find it difficult to sit still in stuffy places—like classrooms.  This is especially true for the school-age short folks.  As a former school teacher, I tried to have major projects out of the way—especially those that required long, technical reading assignments or papers that begged for lots of quotation marks and footnotes.  Our springtime minds are still willing to learn, but we want something unique, light hearted, creative, or done in a group.  I also have found that a change in venue is very helpful.  Take me to a beautiful park, and my waning enthusiasm perks up.
  • Now these revelations discovered in the classroom are true for us as we consider ways to work and play with our children in our homes when the "S” word hits.  It’s time to lighten up. 
  • Dust or mop the floor with big fluffy socks instead of the usual tools; dry that floor with your feet on towels while keeping time with one of the Red Grammar tunes.
  • Forget that back and forth traditional pattern we make with the vacuum.  Create a Hoover masterpiece right on your living room rug.
  • If you need new sheets or bed covers, now’s the time to make that happen.  Having something new that takes up a sizable space can build a satisfying energy.
  • Let family nights be filled with singing, acting out stories, doing service projects, or inviting new friends over for a game night.
  • We know there are still going to be some cool –ok, cold—evenings.  But as much as is practical, put away your winter duds.  It’s part of the "hope springs eternal” mindset.  Get it—"springs” eternal.  (I didn’t even know that was going to happen.)
  • Choose some new flowers to plant. If it’s not too late, try some bulbs.   Put some pea seeds in the ground.  And don’t plan to freeze them.  Tell the kids they can sit in the garden and eat those divine little veggies as soon as they are ready.  It’s always fun to have something to look forward to.
And speaking of that, use this time when most of us feel "antsy” to come together and plan some summer activities.  Let the kids share their ideas and feel a part of the decision making.  An older child could be in charge of finding activities that will be fun after school gets out.

Springtime is a great time to do the same old things a different way. 

Now for one parting, less frivolous suggestion.  Keep an eye on the pollen count and how you’re feeling.  Don’t let them get away from you.  Medicate, netty pot, wear a cute mask, or whatever helps allergies for you.  We want you up and enjoying this time, not continually holding a Kleenex  to help your nose and eyes.

So, think Spring.  Spring fever be gone!  We have some fun classes that will excite and instruct you about all the fun times coming up with your family.  Hope to see you there!

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