Halloween Party Activities

What to do at a party has long been the biggest question for me when it comes to party planning.  There are so many games out there on the internet to try, more than you could play in a year of parties (see below for links).  So finding what to do is not as challenging as figuring out how to herd the party guests from activity to activity. This is very difficult if you have games that hold less interest to your guests than talking or playing with each other.

Kids parties are a good example of how easy it can be to lose interest or attention when the activities are not just right.  Most kids will try any game  but if it proves too difficult or too easy for their age they often lose interest quickly.  So it is very important that the activities you plan work for the ages you have. 

With the grand-kid Halloween party for my momís grand-kids we have the problem of several ages from 12 down to 2.  So I have divided the party time into sections; food time, craft time, play time, and game time..  First we eat since that can be done as people trickle in for the party.  Then with that out of the way it is a good time for crafts.  At our party we usually make our trick-or-treat bags with foam stickers, markers, glitter glues, and crayons.  Each kid has a bag of stickers (each one with the same amount & kind so there is no fighting) and access to tools that are age appropriate.  The best thing with stickers is that with a wee bit of help even a 2-year-old can enjoy them.

After that is play time.  This can last from 20 min. to hours, it is entirely up to you and the parents.  It is also a good time for the adults to get a chance to hang out and chat while the kids play.   And last we end with a game or two.  One of our favorites is a skittles game my mom has that consists of knocking down wooden pins with a spinning top.  Everyone has so much fun spinning the top they donít think much about winning.  I NEVER give game prizes at kids parties.  I have found that with my particular children it takes all the fun out of playing and over emphasizes winning.  I want the kids to enjoy the game for the play not the outcome.  But that is just my personal observations and all kids are different and should be treated individually.  At the end each kid gets a party bag full of toys and some candy.

For the adults I keep the game time down to 30% or less of the actual party since they prefer to chat and joke and catch up with each other more than play.  One game we always have is my version of a white elephant bingo where everyone gets to bring one silly gift and one cool gift.  It is a riot.  We also pose for funny pictures in our costumes.  This is one of my favorites, she really rocks the mad scientist look.

I have found most party board games can also be easily altered to fit a seasonal party.  I have some versions of scattergories that I have done with the following themes: Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, bridal, baby, birthday, etc. 

The best advice I have is this: Know your audience.  Make sure things are age appropriate and playable, and that you donít force participation in games or activities.

I hope this has been useful and that you all enjoy the coming holidays!


For game and activity ideas see the following:
http://urbanext.illinois.edu/party/games.html  (This link is awesome, great advise and games)

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