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The purpose of this series of classes is to provide you with the knowledge, methods, procedures, and tools to mitigate the problems that will come from power outages. You can do something about the problem, and you can begin today with the help of our resident rocket scientist, James Gutshall.  

James has a masters in electrical engineering, taught engineering at Utah State University, worked for NASA and served in White House communications for President Reagan.  Currently serves the Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services as Gem County's Assistant Emergency Coordinator and has received international awards for innovative designs in Space and Ground Communication Equipment.


If your emergency Power Preparations consist of purchasing a generator (gas or solar)  Before you buy, come to this series of classes and learn not only What you need, Why you need it, How, Where and When to hook it up in lots of different situations and how to save money on your purchase.

These classes are divided in to 3 series:

BEGINNER SERIES:  Powering Your Home From Your Car: 
2 classes Fee: $40 per person + $10 for each additional family member

This class series will cover:
  • Safety
  • The differences between AC and DC electricity.
  • How to tell how much power your devices and equipment need.
  • What kind of things can be powered from our car, both AC & DC.
  • 4 or 5 different ways to get power from your car.
  • What are inverters? What are their advantages? What size do I need? Why we would use or not use    them? What can they power?
  • Why do we want to use DC Power?
  • What cables and boxes are needed and how to hook them up to power our devices. 
  • How to safely store fuel for your car or generator in ways you have never heard about.
  • And much much more!

INTERMEDIATE SERIES:  Power Your Home from Portable Battery Bank(s):
4 classes
Fee: $80 per person + $20 for each additional family member

In this series we will move from the car to having batteries in our home.  These classes will cover:
  • Safety.
  • The many advantages of having battery bank(s) in our home.
  • How to select the correct batteries 
  • What boxes and cables are needed
  • How to hook up batteries to make a bank
  • What kind of things we can power from our battery bank and if not, what might be alternatives.
  • Learn about home battery banks, portable battery banks, mobile battery banks.
  • How to service and maintain batteries and keep them charged:
    • Charging battery banks from our car or truck using the DC and AC methods
    • Using the lawn mower, and other small engines.
    • Using a water hose, rain water, rivers or creeks 
    • Using solar panels
    • Using wood stoves
    • Using UPS
    • Using an old computerUsing wind power
    • What can we use if we do not have access to sun, gasoline, propane, hydrogen, wood, water, heat or cold.  
    • And a whole lot more   

ADVANCE SERIES: (Beginner or Intermediate series is a pre-requisite for this series)
Integrating your emergency power system using your existing home wiring:
3 classes
Fee: $60 per person + $15 for additional family members

In this series we will learn how to prepare our home to safely use our emergency power system and the existing home wiring to efficiently use our systems in our home.  This class series will cover:

  • Safety.
  • Regulations and Rules 
  • The many advantages of using the existing wiring in our home.
  • Mapping Your Home:  Learn how to identify the wiring in your house and determine which light switches and outlets are faulty and which ones can be used and which ones cannot be used with Battery banks.
  • Mapping Practice Session: Map Mary Annís home to determine which circuits can be used with batteries.  Make  a map of your home and bring it to the next class to review and determine issues that need to be corrected.
  • Review Home Mapping Exercise:  Review home mapping issues and receive individual help with any questions from the series of classes.
  • How to connect it all to our home. 

EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEMS all 3 Series(9 classes)
Fee: $160 + $40 for additional family members

Emergency Power Series*All 9 Classes (See Above)

James E. Gutshall 

Classes Begin Thursday, October 12th, 7pm-9pm 

Food 2 Store (click for map)
3055 E. Fairview Ave., #130
Meridian, ID 

$160 per person of the WHOLE SERIES

$20 Per person Per Class + $5 for additional household members per class* unless indicated otherwise.
*to be indicated in the 'Special' box on the online order form linked below

All in class & take home supplies, class worksheets & recipe cards are included in fees. 
No credit or reimbursement for missed classes. 

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