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All of our classes are designed to save you time and money.  For every principle you implement in your life, you will save 25% on the budget you use for household goods, groceries, clothes, etc.  You will also save yourself 2 hours a week of time.  What would you pay yourself if you were an hourly employee?  What is your time worth to you? 

  • Choose a class to host either a single class, a series or a full curriculum.
  • Schedule a date with us.  It is best to pick a couple of dates that you have open, then contact us or your local instructor for immediate scheduling.
  • Invite your friends to save the date and come to class.
  • Host the class at Mary Ann's Cupboards.
  • Laugh and learn about the simple methods and systems that can save you lots of time and money.

  • Tasting samples for all cooking classes and treats for all other classes.
  • A one-page handout for those who do not wish to buy the manual that goes with the class.  Class manuals are available to purchase at class at a discount.  
  • Clipboards for taking notes
  • Classroom copies of the manual (to be returned at end of class if not purchased)
  • All equipment needed to present the class

  • We do it all, you just invite and bring your friends.

  • Free class admission
  • A Free manual for the class or another manual of your choice

  • A sample of all the products presented in a cooking class or refreshments in other classes
  • A one-page handout of class outline or recipes
  • Greater efficiency that gives them an additional 2 hours a week

  • $10-20 per person (depending on format and class selected.)
  • 4 class members + hostess minimum
  • Classes will be posted on our website to help with filling your seats.


Welcome to the home of our E-Learning Classes!  Now you can take classes in small segments of time as you have time from home!  

Here's how it works:

1.  Select the class from the list that you'd like to take.  For more info, select the "more info" link.  If you know you want to buy it, click on the BUY NOW button.

2.  Complete the checkout process.  You DO NOT need to register an account with us to purchase the class!

3.  Check your email for a message from us that says "Online Video purchase information from Mary Ann's Cupboards" in the subject line.

4.  Click on the link to your video page and enjoy!

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Online Classes
Growing & Using Sprouts Class
Growing & Using Sprouts Class

Sprouting seeds are packed with vital nutrients, protein, and minerals.  They make a highly nutritional addition to your Food Storage. 

Powdered Milk E-Learning Class
Powdered Milk E-Learning Class

Learn how fast and easy it is to make all of your dairy products at home!

It's About Time e-Learning Class
It's About Time e-Learning Class

Life is busy - Learning to manage and prioritize your time is essential to how busy you FEEL.  Learn to make more time for yourself, your family, and everything else!

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