EMERGENCY COOKING – An Introduction to the Solar C

While I have titled this with "EMERGENCY COOKING – An Introduction to the Solar CooKit,” the CooKit can be used for much more than emergency cooking.

The CooKit is small enough to fit into many backpacks campers use. The CooKit is small enough to hide away in the trunk of your vehicle.

This is a picture of the CooKit assembled and ready to use.

These fun and useful solar cookers have been part of my wife’s and my collection of cooking tools for many years. We have used them on day trips, when camping, around the home, and are part of the supplies we have should a disaster take away our ability to cook by conventional means.

This type of solar cooker is more vulnerable to cold temperatures and winds then some other types of Sun Ovens, but under most circumstances it will provide you with ample cooking temperatures, or at least in the winter enough heat (160’ F) for pasteurizing water. (depending on where you live and the outside temperatures) One winter I used our CooKit to thaw out a container of frozen water when the outside temperatures were below freezing.

The unfolded CooKit has instructions on the back explaining how to use them for cooking and water pasteurization. The CooKit also comes with an instruction pamphlet, two cooking bags, and two clothespins.

The two clothespins are for holding the CooKit open (adjustable for the time of year and the sun’s position relative to the horizon); I always add two more clothespins to our CooKit – one as a spare and one for holding the cooking bag closed.
Once inside the cooking bag the CooKit is placed into the cooker on some pebbles. These pebbles allow the hot air trapped inside the cooking bag to circulate all around the pan you are using, even under it. Using pebbles under your pan and cooking bag are VERY important.

The cooking bags are used to trap the heat in with the cooking pan. (Note: If you ever need more cooking bags, they are usually found in grocery stores and are called "Oven Bags.” I always purchase the largest size; the ones large enough to cook a turkey in. The cooking bags also help shield the pan you are using from any breezes trying to hinder your solar cooking.

When cooking with the Solar CooKit you will need to be faithful to keep it aimed at the sun.

Often www.maryannscupboards.com has the Solar CooKit available for purchase. One of the great things about this Solar CooKit is their very low purchase price. Check out MaryAnnsCupboards for price and availability.

I will be posting other Blog entries, and attached videos, showing the CooKit in use.
Here is the video I created to introduce you to the Solar CooKit.

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