Homeopathic Home Remedy Kits – Part 2

Homeopathic Home Remedy Kits – Part 2, The Basic Kit

As I explained in "The Basic Kit, Part 1” the briefest of kits will usually contain, in alphabetical order, ACONITE, APIS, ARNICA, ARSENICUM, BELLADONNA, CANTHARIS, HYPERICUM, IPECAC, LEDUM, RHUS TOX, RUTA, and SYMPHYTUM.  Some reference sources recommend adding CARBO veg, CHAMOMILLA, and EUPHRASIA to this basic remedy list.

Remember that every homeopathic remedy has more than one use.  Most if not all remedy containers will have one use printed on the label; colds, coughs, pain, etc.  For several reasons the remedy manufactures will list the most common use for a remedy on the remedy container label even though they know the remedy will usually have many other uses.  Therefore when I explain "why these remedies” I wish you to know that each of these remedies will have other uses.  Please do not get into the trap of thinking a remedy is only good for what the label says, or how they are used here in my list.

Let’s take the remedy list above and explain why they are in most home remedy kits, according to the typical reference books on the subject.

ACONITE (Aconitum napellus) is for a person with a sudden onset of cold symptoms often, but not always, brought on by exposure to cold air.  It is not unusual for this sufferer to have a thirst for cold drinks.  This remedy is often used for restlessness, anxiety, the first stages of inflammation (like a sore throat or an earache).  The remedy might be used for someone with a stiff neck, the flu, bronchitis, or have an eyeball type injury.
Many reference books will suggest taking this remedy every half hour until the person begins to feel better.  If the problem is in full onset the person might try using BELLADONNA.

Compare this remedy with BELLADONNA below.

APIS (Apis mell) is most often the remedy of choice for pains that are burning, stinging, piercing, with red hot swelling; things like bites, stings and swellings similar to what a bee sting will produce.  This remedy has been used for itching and allergic reactions, like with severe food reactions.  Most often the sufferer will feel the site of reaction as being hot and feel better with cold applications.

This remedy is often used as needed and as often as needed, under the tongue.  If you wanted to also use it topically you could dissolve several pills in water and use that water as a liquid compress.

Compare this remedy with LEDUM below.

ARNICA (Arnica Montana) is the first remedy for any injury, trauma, bruising, muscular soreness, or overexertion.  Additionally, it is often used for emotional shock, grief, sadness, overuse of the brain, swelling, any strain or stress of the body.

Upon bodily injury it is suggested to be used every 5 minutes; less as it begins to noticeably work.
Compare this remedy with LEDUM below.

ARSENICUM (Arsenicum album) is often used for runny noses when the person is also restless.  It has been successfully used for diarrhea, especially if the diarrhea is from food poisoning and the diarrhea is burning.  It is used for any sharp burning pains.  Often the sufferer has a thirst for cold water.  Many sources say to use this remedy at the first sign of food poisoning.

BELLADONNA (Belladonna) is often used for the sudden onset of inflammations and fevers that are in full manifestation; sun strokes, swollen glands, painful red throats, when the skin is hot, dry and the pulse is pounding.  Suggested uses include red hot throbbing pains (some headaches, earaches).  The person suffering from these things will often feel things are made worse by noise and/or light.

It is suggested you take this remedy every 15 minutes until you are better.

Compare this remedy with ACONITE above.

CANTHARIS (Cantharis) is often suggested for blisters, second and third degree burns, scalds, sun and chemical burns, and urinary tract infections.

Try ARNICA first and then CANTHARIS.  Use every 5 – 15 minutes as needed.

HYPERICUM (Hypericum pref) is often recommended for nerve injuries from blows, smashed fingers or toes.  It is also suggested for a bruised spine or tailbone, puncture wounds, nerve pains radiating upward, and toothaches.

Use ARNICA first and then right away HYPERICUM.  Suggestions are to take every five minutes and then less as it begins to noticeably work.  If you want to bath the injury in the remedy you can take a small amount of the remedy and put it in a small amount of water to bath the area.

IPECAC (Ipecacuanha) is suggested for motion, morning, sea or car sickness; any illness with nausea and vomiting where often there is no relief.  Some use it when vomiting with the flu.  Often the person needing this remedy for these reasons will have a lack of thirst or appetite.

This remedy is most often used every 15 minutes until the person feels better.

LEDUM (Ledum pal) is first sought for puncture wounds, stings, bites – which feel cold and feels better with a cold compress or cold water.  Splinters or nails stepped on.  For black eyes LEDUM is often better than ARNICA.

This remedy is usually used every 5 minutes as needed.

Compare this remedy with APIS

RHUS TOX (Rhus tox) is called "The Rusty Gate” because it is used for stiffness and joint pains (muscle pains) that are better from movement.  Almost always the symptoms are accompanied by a restless feeling.

This is taken every half hour as needed.

If this remedy is not helping one might consider the remedy RUTA.

RUTA (Ruta grav):  Dislocations, strains and sprains, tennis elbow, eye strain, bruised bones, joint soreness/injuries (which are worse from movement), over use of muscles, headaches caused by eye strain.

First use ARNICA then RUTA.  Use every 15 minutes.  If after 24 hours there is no change switch to SYMPHYTUM.

Compare this remedy with RHUS TOX.

SYMPHYTUM (Symphytum off.) is called, "Bone Knit” because it helps the body repair fractures and breaks.  It is said to act like a "Glue for bones.”

First use ARNICA, then RUTA if necessary, then SYMPHYTUM if necessary.  Use this remedy twice each day until you are fully healed.

OSCILLOCOCCINUM is a remedy specifically for helping with the flu and is only available at your local box store pharmacy or directly from the manufacturer Boiron.  I have had good success with this remedy.  This remedy had no other uses outside of treating flu symptoms.

Some references recommend taking these remedies in the 15C potencies.  Personally I prefer to purchase and use most of my remedies in the 30C potency. 

Please remember, and this is important, that Homeopathic remedies are not like your typical medicines; do not think of them as, "If a little bit helps then a lot more of it must really help.”  Typical medicines are a substance.  Homeopathic remedies work differently - on an energy level in your body.  If you find a homeopathic remedy dose is suggested as four tablets or drops it is a waste of remedy to take more tablets or drops each time you take it; more is not better.  In a later blog I hope to explain how the smallest of homeopathic pill is just as good as four homeopathic pills.

Of all the books available for purchase I strongly recommend the user of Homeopathic Remedies seriously consider purchasing Dr. Andrew Lockie’s book, "The Family Guide to Homeopathy, The Safe Form of Medicine for the Future.”

Part one: Homeopathic At Home Care Kits

Footnote:  My intent is to relay what my research or personal use have shown me.  I am not a medical professional and in this and all future blogs am not intending to prescribe anything for anyone or as a remedy for any malady.  If you are ill I would suggest you consult a professional.

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Yadia said...
Dear Mary What a wonderful temtisonial for your remedy kit and a fabulously helpful tip for visitors to your blog. So, all those travelers and athletes, pack an emergency box, put in some sanitary wipes, bandages, cayenne pepper, tweezers and a homeopathic remedy kit. Blessings, Debby

Ashnil said...
I am always so thcoued when people share their homeopathy stories and tips with us all. Please do send more of them in if you feel inspired and include photos, too, if you can.

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