Homeopathy an Introduction - Part 2

The word homeopathy is from the Greek ‘Homoion’ meaning "Similar” and ‘Pathos’ meaning "Disease.”  The meaning of the word accurately describes the practice in homeopathy of treating a person or problem with something similar to the malady being suffered.  In Homeopathy this is called the "Law of Similars.”

This Law of Similars means that a remedy derived from a substance that in its original form creates symptoms and conditions in a healthy person will cure a sick person manifesting similar symptoms.

Here is an example:  In my most recent blog, HOMEOPATHY An Introduction – Part 1, I talked about the Stinging Nettle.  We all know that if you rub up against a live Stinging Nettle plant you will have your skin become irritated and develop a bad itch.  If you were to improperly eat the fresh Stinging Nettle you might develop vomiting as your throat could close up from the irritation. In the practice of Homeopathy the properly prepared and prescribed homeopathic remedy made from Stinging Nettle might help your body combat severe itching and some forms of vomiting.

Here is another example:  If you chop up an onion you will most often develop irritated eyes and a runny nose.  If the onion is properly prepared into a homeopathic remedy it can be used to help the body fight acute catarrhal inflammation of the mucous membranes with increased secretion; symptoms often found in some forms of the common cold.

Rest assured that a properly prepared homeopathic remedy is free from the harmful components of the original substance.  In fact, a properly prepared homeopathic remedy will generally not even have one molecule of the original substance left in it.  Homeopathic remedies are made following a specific method (to be explained in a future blog) that works from the energy of the original substance. It is this energy that the body detects and reacts to in a positive way.  In Homeopathy this is called, "Vital Force.”

This idea of working with the energy of a substance and not the substance itself goes contrary to all accepted modern medical and pharmaceutical understandings; thus the strong opposition by those two fields to Homeopathy.  (However in a crude way these two medical fields do something similar when they give you an immunization/vaccination.)

The idea of stimulating healing by the Law of Similars is not new.  Manuscripts go back several millenniums where "healers” would talk about healing with something similar to the malady being suffered.

Hippocrates 460-377 B.C. said, "An illness is caused by similar means and similar means can cure men of illness, e.g. the same agent brings about strangury when it is not present, and does away with it, when it is.  Coughing, like strangury, is caused and is made to disappear by the same means.  Vomiting is stopped by being made to vomit.”

Modern Homeopathy was founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann MD (1755-1843).  It was he that made it into the medical science it is today; followed along by some major champions of the art of homeopathy.

What Dr. Hahnemann and others have done is take multiple healthy volunteers and give them exposure to an original item and watch/log what symptoms the person develops over time.  After exposure, were they feeling tired, depressed, anxious, energetic, having bad dreams, etc.?  They did this with many people over a long period of time and found what were the common manifestations among them.  This process is called "Proving.”  If the substance created manifestations like tiredness, depression, anxiousness, etc. then they would properly prepare the substance into a homeopathic remedy and give it to people suffering tiredness or depression or anxiousness, etc.  These provings and resultant remedies became what is now known as Homeopathy.

I find it very interesting that Homeopathy does not only work with the physical manifestations of illness, but has had great success with mental and emotional problems.  When a Homeopath Physician treats the whole person with a "Constitutional Remedy” they will put most of the prescribing weight on the mental and emotional states of the patient.

I am also tickled by the confounding of modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies, who want to claim Homeopathy is only a placebo, when they cannot answer how Homeopathy is very effective with animals and plants.  You cannot have the placebo effect with animals and plants.

In future blogs I will explain why I constantly refer to "properly prepared and prescribed remedies.”  This is a very important aspect of Homeopathy if the remedies are to be effective.

Watch for future blogs that will discuss how Homeopathic Remedies are made, how you can make your own remedies, why the remedies might not work today but will work tomorrow, how to properly take and store a remedy, what remedies should you consider having in your home/family remedy kit, etc.

Footnote:  My intent is to relay what my research or personal use has shown me.  I am not a medical professional and in this and all future blogs am not intending to prescribe anything for anyone or as a remedy for any malady.  If you are ill I would suggest you consult a professional.

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