Soda Pop Bundt Cake

Have you ever NOT wanted to heat up the house with the oven?
Have you ever been TOLD (or remembered) you need a dessert for 10-12, 15 min before its needed?
 NO?  WOW! 

If you're family is NOT perfect, and/or you do NOT have a perfect memory, join the club!  Check out and enjoy this super quick super easy cake recipe. 
Because you use the microwave and NOT the oven and because this recipe uses cups and teaspoons, it lends itself to being a super awesome "first baking" experience for a child, or adult for that matter.  After creating the cake themselves they can truly exclaim with accomplished pride,"look what I did!"
You could truly use any flavor of soda and cake mix.  Let your imagination run wild!

1 box white cake mix
1 can root beer
cup oil
3 eggs

(Bobbie's Note: I didn't have root bear so I used Orange Fanta and plain vanilla frosting)

1.    Blend (Bobbie's Note: If there are lumps do not worry, it is like muffin batter.  Better under-mixed than over-mixed)

2.    Pour into a RUBBER OR GLASS bunt pan

3.    MICROWAVE 10 minutes

4.    Check with toothpick.  If cake sticks to pick the cake is not finished cooking.

5.    Cool (Bobbie's Note: I didn't cool mine because I wanted the frosting to drip down the sides and melt a little into the cake)

1 tub white frosting
1 tsp root beer extract 

1.    Frost cake when cooled.
2.    enjoy your novel cake!

(Bobbie's Note: For my decorative rose cake we made a piping bag out of a zip-top heavy duty bag, snipped the corner and piped the plain vanilla tub frosting in the groves of the cake.  Oh and added sprinkles. tee hee)

Zip Top Piping:

Your Kids will love making this cake and feel the delight of a job well done.  Its just SO easy!  I hope this cool trick saves you time and money.  Oh and watch the stores for smoking deals on cake mixes and stock up! ($.25 per box with coupons used with store sales).  I wish you the best and happy savings till next time!


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