Gear & Gadgets - The Super Scoops!

Hello again! Today's post is part of the Gear and Gadgets I recommend having in your kitchen (these help us with the "less time" part of our lives). The scoop! I say scoop in general because I have 3 and use all of them regularly. I'd recommend a metal one just for durability's sake, it really does make a difference, especially if you have "helpers" in your kitchen - which I highly encourage (these auto-scoopers make it so much easier for the kiddos to actually help!). ;o) 

Also, I recommend the squeeze handles ones with the trigger swiper release mechanism (pictured). I currently have my big size in a thumb trigger and am just waiting to get the squeeze handle, so much better for my little hand! Love them and they make my portioning in the kitchen go so much faster. (Apologies for the pictures, it's a lot harder taking pictures holding the camera in my left hand of my right hand cooking than I thought!) 

First off, the full sized "ice cream" scoop (1/3 cup). OK, so what's so great about an ice cream scoop you say? All the different ways you can use it to quickly scoop and serve! I'm listing a few below, see if you can come up with any others:

  • muffin/cupcake batter that goes very nicely in the muffin papers: for regular sized muffins and/or cupcakes use the 1/3 c. scoop, for mini muffins and/or cupcakes use the 2Tbsp. scoop. This is the best way to make sure you actually get the 24 regular sized or 48 minis out of a cake mix. :o)

  • pancake/waffle batter – use your 1/3 c. for reg. pancakes, the 2Tbsp. for baby ones. waffles will take more than one scoop (maybe one per section?) 

  • individual meatloaves – GREAT for making kid sizes and they cook in a LOT less time (half the time), use the 1/3 c. scoop. I prefer to do it either on top of cookie cooling racks to let the grease drain down while cooking or in muffin liners which are easy to make for a fun "dessert dinner” for the kiddos. Meatloaf cupcakes! (I also just used 2 medium scoops of sauce for each meatloaf.)
  • mashed potatoes – pretty little potato hills
  • sandwich fillings – chicken salad, tuna, etc., just plop and go
  • enchilada/burrito fillings – good equal amounts in all your tortillas
  • ice cream – make sure you have a good strong scoop, hard ice cream will put it to the test
  • portioning rice – did you know that 1 adult serving is only ½ cup?
  • biscuit batter – works great for drop biscuits on a cookie sheet
Secondly, the medium sized cookie scoop (2 Tbsp). Obviously this is a great option for easy cookies! Kids can keep them the same size and so can you. (Sorry I didn’t actually get pictures of cookies, I was busy making a few thousand other things with my scoops in the past couple days.) Other great uses for the medium scoop include:
  • melon balling – they just pop right out
  • sauces – even amounts (especially for the tops  of your mini meatloaves)
  • dumplings – drop biscuit batter into boiling chicken soup and let cook, so good! 
  • peanut butter – works so well for getting nice little mounds of dipping PB while watching portions for the kiddos 
  • meatballs – even sizing every time, cook and freeze to use whenever! 
  • dollops of frosting on cupcakes – keeps them nice and even. Note: When I make regular size cupcakes with the large scoop, I use the medium scoop for the frosting. When I make mini cupcakes with the medium scoop, I use the mini scoop for the frosting. Note: This is the best way I've found to get the amount of frosting in the can to match the amount of cupcakes! Works like a charm everytime. :o) 
  • hushpuppies (for all you other Southerners out there) – just drop and fry like the doughnuts (or along with your fish . . .) I always use the medium scoop for these.
  • guacamole/sour cream dollops for taco salads, etc. – looks so pretty larger doughnuts – these are the "adult” doughnuts in our house.
Thirdly, and oh so important in our family, the mini scoop (2 teaspoons). This  is the scoop we use to make our Family Favorite Donuts I shared with you last week in kid size. They are just the right bite-size and keep everything easy while frying. This makes it much safer and easier for kids to help make them as well. This mini scoop is also good for:
  • melon balling
  • making little meringue dollops
  • ravioli filling
  • truffles - I have yet to do this, but it sounds SO easy! (Just make your truffles, mold/scoop into scoop, release and roll in cocoa)

And whenever a recipe calls for a "rounded tablespoon" or "rounded teaspoon", here's a way to do it easily and accurately. Can you think of anything else? There are TONS of different sizes out there but if you don't have any yet I'd start with the 1/3 c. and the 2 Tbsp. scoops. They are both super versatile and will cover you for just about anything. So go make your food in "less time" with your handy dandy scoops!

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