Super Summer Salads

Summer is upon us.  Holy cow!  Is it just us or did the school year just flies by?  While so many of us are working or getting ready for summer or both, we thought it might be fun to share a few fresh ideas in the salad department.  Summer is a time for fresh produce like melons, squashes and berries.  We love paring our favorite citrus fruits and berries with nuts and greens for tasty summer salads.  Whether a entree or a side, we love a good salad!  

 Put your wettest ingredients in first.  These are things like grapefruit or orange slices, beans, corn, proteins like tuna or salmon, etc.For summer on of our favorite ways to pack salads is in mason jars.  They can be prepped days in advance and are a quick healthy lunch or dinner on the go for moms and kiddos alike.  

When it comes to packing a salad jar, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Then pack your dry proteins and veggies.  Diced chicken (baked, not canned), diced bell peppers, carrots, celery, etc.
  • Always put your greens on the top. This helps shelf life, but it also makes it so if you dump out your salad jar on to a plate or bowl before you eat it, everything comes out in the right order. ;-)
  • Use grape or cherry tomatoes when you can.  They will stay good longer.  If you can't, make sure to put your diced tomatoes in the bottom of the jar with your wet ingredients.
  • Dressings can be placed at the top of a jar in a small closed container. 
  • Secure with plastic canning lids...not metal.  Your greens will react with metal and turn brown much faster.

Check out our free printable recipes for salads and dressings here!


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