Emergency Shelter Ideas

We raised our family backpacking in the Sierra Nevada mountains that loomed above our desert community in southern California.  We typically took a regular backpacking tent for our three children, but we preferred to sleep under the stars.  On occasion we would run into inclement weather which forced us to seek protection.  Because a tube tent was light weight and compact, we opted to use one in these situations.  Because it didn’t have doors it didn’t keep out the cold air, but it did protect us from the rain.

When putting together emergency supplies to carry in our car, we decided that a tube tent would fill the bill for our emergency shelter.  This time we opted for one that had a door so you could close it.  We also added a zippered bag that contains along with tent, two plastic air mattresses and a water-proof, insulated tarp.  The bag fits nicely under the back of the passenger seat.  We also have two compact sleeping bags that we carry with us.


We were concerned with that lack of insulation in the tube tents that we’ve used in the past.  So we started looking for something just as compact but with better features.  We found this tent that really fits the bill.  We especially liked that it has a door in one end and is enclosed in the other end.  

  • Non-woven material with aluminum-coated interior that insulates body heat for extra warmth
  • Dimensions: 82” x 36”
  • Color: High visibility orange
  • 23 ft. (7 m) of rope
  • (4) 9” zinc-plated carbon steel tent pegs

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