At Home Medical Care Kits – Part 1

The Basic Kit

How do you compile your first Home Remedy Kit?  What Homeopathic Remedies should you include in your kit?  Is it possible to purchase home remedy kits that are already made up for you?  Are there different types of home remedy kits?

Hopefully I can offer some suggestions here that will be a help.

Yes, you can purchase remedy kits that are already made up for you.  These kits can consist of as few as four remedies or as many as 150 (or more).  These kits usually contain the basic "must have” remedies for the most common problems found around the average home.  There are home remedy kits that are tailored for families with infants or young school aged children.  There are kits tailored for the allergy season.  There are many kits available for meeting specific needs.

Some of the commercially compiled kits will have all the included remedies at a 6X potency.  Some will have all the remedies at the 15X potency.  Home remedy kits will come in many sizes with different included remedies and at different potencies.
Where to begin?

Your first questions to ask might be, "What are my family’s common needs?  Do we suffer often with the common cold, the flu, or do we have often aches and pains?”  There is a good chance you already have a medicine chest full of the common over-the-counter medicines; medicines for diarrhea, constipation, congestion, allergies, pain, coughing, the common cold, etc.  Would you like a homeopathic remedy kit that will have homeopathic remedies for all these common problems?  If so, you can begin to make out our remedy ‘wish list.’  Determine what you would like to see available in your homeopathy remedy first-aid kit or in your homeopathy medicine chest; what is your remedy ‘wish list?’
The second question might be, how much am I willing or able to spend on this kit?  Is there a way to save money when I purchase my remedies?

If you are new to homeopathy you might be apprehensive about spending very much on remedies until you have seen for yourself how effective they are.

I recommend having the following individual remedies in your home kit.  However there are ‘combination’ remedies that are very good.  We personally use combination remedies for infections, allergies, headaches, and back pain.  Combination remedies are a remedy made for a specific single problem and are made up of more than one individual remedy; a combination remedy might have 10 individual remedies included in it.  The reason why the individual remedies are important to have in a home remedy kit is as an individual remedy it can be used for many needs, whereas a combination remedy is to be used solely for what it was designed for.  In Part 2 of this Home Remedy Kit blog you will see how the single remedies below can be used for several things – therefore the need to have them vs. a combination remedy.

So let’s begin with the common remedies, the basic remedies found in almost all home remedy kits.

The briefest of kits will usually contain, in alphabetical order, ACONITE, APIS, ARNICA, ARSENICUM, BELLADONNA, CANTHARIS, HYPERICUM, IPECAC, LEDUM, RHUS TOX, RUTA, and SYMPHYTUM.  Some reference sources recommend adding CARBO veg, CHAMOMILLA, and EUPHRASIA to this basic remedy list.  I encourage people to have on hand a flu remedy called, OSCILLOCOCCINUM.

Before I explain ‘why these particular remedies?’ I wish you to know that every homeopathic remedy has more than one use.  Most if not all remedy containers will have one use printed on the label; colds, coughs, pain, etc.  What the remedy manufactures have done is fulfill the FDA requirement to list "a” use for the remedy on the label.  The manufactures will list the most common use for a remedy even though they know the remedy will usually have many other uses.  Therefore when I explain "why these remedies” I wish you to know that each of these remedies will have other uses.

Let’s take my remedy list above and explain why they are in most home remedy kits.

Due to space constraints this is to be continued in
Homeopathic Home Remedy Kits – Part 2, The Basic Kit”

Footnote:  My intent is to relay what my research or personal use have shown me.  I am not a medical professional and in this and all future blogs am not intending to prescribe anything for anyone or as a remedy for any malady.  If you are ill I would suggest you consult a professional.

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