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I have learned how to live providently from both my grandmother, who live through the Great Depression and World War II in Salmon Idaho and my mother,who at almost 80 continues to preserve food, quilt, serve others, have a huge garden and is able to out-work the "youngsters”. Out of necessity they learned how to do most everything and have taught me how to make a "silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.  They both followed the adage"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without” and so, much to dismay of our children at times, that is what we have done also.

Greg and I have spent hours...days...weeks...and months...home canning, dry pack canning, freezing and dehydrating food. We have also had gardens which we tilled, planted, weeded and harvested.  We have had our own personal home store for years and have appreciated the convenience of being able to walk in, grab a few things and have a delicious meal ready in just a few minutes. We have been able to prepare great meals without the time and effort that is involved in making a trip to the store. As busy parents of seven we especially appreciated this when we had three children in car seats at one time and another couple to "wrangle” while in the grocery store.  We have literally lived off of what we had in our home store and sometimes we were sharing with others in need.  Whatever the situation, we were very grateful and happy that we had it.

Greg and I love to learn and love to share what we have learned with others.  We have found amazing people who also have a desire to help and teach others what they have learned through study and practical experience.  They have generously shared their skills and knowledge with us and we have used it in teaching and caring for our family.  We have also passed what we have learned on to other friends and their families, who continue to pay it forward.

We focus our classes and blogs on preparedness for everyday life, fun times with families, or to help us be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. It is our desire that all of us to learn how to be self-sufficient…no matter what situation we may find ourselves.  Remember it isn’t what you have it’s what you know.Remember to practice using your knowledge.

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