A Better Game Plan for Game Day

Fall is here and with it comes colder weather and fall sports—football, soccer, volleyball, etc.  Having a "BUG OUT BAG”  for these activities, makes a big difference in how quickly you and your "kiddos” can be out the door and be prepared for weather changes during a game.  And what about after school practices? Do your children have what is needed to sustain them nutritionally until dinner time and all the equipment needed with them at school?  Here's a quick list of items you may want to gather so you can just grab and get on your way and avoid the stress of a last minute packing frenzy.

For the Participants

A drawstring backpack with a zipper pocket in front works really great for holding  all their equipment and supplies except football pads.  They are light weight and will fit in a school locker.  Pack everything listed below in the bottom zipper area accept the clothing needed.
        • Pocket First aid kit:  band aids, electrolyte replacement drink powder, chap stick with sunscreen, sunscreen, bug spray wipes, sample bottle or lavender oil for bee sting or bug bites.

In the backpack itself, put all the practice and game clothes.  You might want one backpack for after-school practices and one for game day:
  • Hooded sweat shirt and pants
  • Warm socks
  • Uniform
  • Shoes
For the Spectators:

The following items will keep everyone comfortable during the game.  An insulated bag or roll around cooler work well for keeping everything together:
  • Stadium chairs or cushions
  • Camp chairs for games where bleachers are not available
  • Clip on umbrellas for camp chairs to shade from the sun or rain
  • Water-proof, polar fleece blanket that can double as a rain poncho
  • Thermos with hot drinks and hot cups
  • Water bottles for all family members
  • Snacks to keep younger children satisfied
  • Gloves and hats for everyone.
As you continue on your adventures this fall, take a moment to gather things now, so that you won't have to stress later.  Check out this blog for ideas on how to store all this in your car year round. Your family will thank you!

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