Managing Clothing on the Road

Packing Clothes

Managing Clothing on the Road.I pack clothes in 2 gallon Ziploc bags (which can be hard to find in stores, but are available online).  In each bag I pack a complete outfit for one day: shirt, pants, socks, underwear, etc.  If you are packing for small children sometimes you can fit 2 children’s clothes in one bag.  Then I put a small index card labeled with what day of the week the outfit is for.  As I pack the Ziploc bags I put them in the suitcase or travel bag file style instead of stacked on top of one another so I don’t have to dig to find the ones I need.  

Managing Clothing on the Road.
The day of the week cards in the bags have a two purposes.  
First, I can look at a glance and be sure I have all the clothes needed for the entire trip.  Second, the labeled bags let me assign dad, grandparents, or siblings to help dress kids while ensuring the kids end up wearing what I have planned on the appropriate day. 

If you plan on having your children wear certain items on more than one day (ie a pair of jeans) put the item in the bag for the first day it should be worn and put an additional small note in the bag for the second day.  The note should say something to like, "use jeans from Tuesday.”

Dirty Clothes

I generally do NOT put clothes back into the 2 gallon Ziploc bags once they have been worn unless the item is clean enough it can be worn again and will go back into the dresser once we get home.  This ensures my bags don’t pick up any funky smells or sticky spots.  When items are dirty they get put into a dirty laundry bag according to color.  I bring 2-3 small garbage bags or empty large shopping bags from Target or Walmart to sort the laundry into as it becomes dirty.  Then when we return home my laundry is all sorted into loads and ready to be run. 

I reuse my 2 gallon Ziploc bags multiple times.  My current set is almost 3 years old and going strong. 

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