Celebration Park Adventure Day!

Today we had great fun on our first Group Adventure Day!  We spent the day at Celebration Park, which is just passed Melba, Idaho.  We started the day with a tour of the park and spent some time with the staff learning about the work they do there.  We learned about ancient paleo-indians and the artifacts they left behind.

Mary Ann helping Paiten

We got practice hunting wooly mammoths using Atlatles - which are a piece of wood carved to look a bit like an ice skate blade cover.  You use them to fling a really long dart at big game.  The kids had a great time trying to hit the targets, and some were even successful!  It was awfully fun to see some of the adults give it a go as well.

It was really windy, but the weather warmed up in the afternoon and made for some great hiking and rock hopping.  The river, like all the other rivers in this lovely state, was running amazingly high.  I have never seen it that high.   There was just enough beach for the kids to play in the water and squish around in the mud.   Andrew didn't seem to mind the mud on his face or the bath in the stream that soon followed.

We had a wonderful day with great hikes and good friends.  I hope you will be able to join us next week for our next great adventure day!

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