Money Saving Substitutions save more than pennies!

Save yourself a trip to the store!  If you find that you are out of an ingredient, improvise!  Just make your own marshmallow cream, Chinese noodles, potato chips, salad dressings, sauces, and condiments.  Make what you have on hand into what you need quickly and easily!

Substitutions can save you a bundle when you start to think of all of the times you ran out of eggs, chocolate chips, butter or milk.  This class will open your eyes to a world of possibilities!
This Class Teaches:
  • How to make the most basic substitutions in your everyday cooking.
  • How to make any recipe with different ingredients and have it taste the same. 
  • The basic ingredients that are needed to substitute a myriad of others.

People come to this class because:

  • They are tired of the frustration that comes when they realize that they are out of the most crucial ingredient in their recipe.
  • They want some new ideas that will save them time and money.
  • They want to learn how to become a magician in the kitchen. 

Host a Class Near You:
This class can be scheduled for large and small groups.
Fill out this form to be connected with a teacher in your area. This is a great opportunity for you and your friends to get together, learn, have fun, be fed, and get a discount on cookbook manual for this class.

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