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Food costs keep rising, and so does the cost of living.  You may have felt the pinch in your wallet.  Mary Ann shares a simple system that will help you save on groceries today - without couponing.  

There's a better way to feed your family without sacrificing nutrition.  No matter what your food goals or nutrition needs are, you can save time, money, and energy at the grocery store.

Melanie Nelson brings you Mary Ann's tried and tested "Eat Better for Less" System.  She'll show you the tips and tricks you need to know to build food storage and decrease your grocery budget at the   SAME TIME!

Are you...

...concerned with the amount of food that is  wasted in your home?

...frustrated when your grocery budget only buys 1/2 of what it used to at the store?

...of the mindset that food storage is essentially squirreling away food until the 12th of NEVER, just in case?

Are you...

...looking for an easy, inexpensive, step-by-step system building your food storage and feeding your family?

...looking for a way to deal with picky eaters?

...trying to save money on food?

Donít miss this great opportunity to learn simple principles and get great ideas that will simplify your life, your food storage, and your home!

This class is broken down into 4 - 15 minute video segments.  Each video can be watched up to 6 times.  That way, if you need to refresh your memory about something when you get started, you can view it again.

By taking Mary Ann's E-Learning Classes, you save time and money! The price she charges to teach this series of classes in her home, is $10.00 per segment. Of course they are also 2 hour classes. Now you can spend just $20.00 and get the whole class in just 60 minutes!

Add Eat Better for Less to your order ($13.50)

Add A Grocery Store in Your Home, e-learn to your order ($10.00)

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